Water Pipe and Sewer Line Repair and Installation by Underground Solutions in PA

Underground Solutions

Serving Plumbers and Real Estate Professionals
by providing Sewer Camera Line Inspections and
Trenchless Water / Sewer Pipe Repair and Installation.

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Increase profit without Excavation

Serve your clients better without the mess

Save Your Customers Yard
as well as your Time

While still making a profit.



Underground Solutions

Who Are Our Customers?

Plumbers, Contractors, Home Inspection Professionals, Investors, Realtors, Agents.

Add a New Profit Center to Your Business

  • Camera Inspection
  • Pipe location and relocation
  • Trenchless New Sewer and Water Pipes
  • Replacement System

We Work Directly for You

  • We can come in unmarked trucks, or trucks with markings of your choice.
  • We work a 75 mile radius in Southeastern PA.
  • No conflict of interest for your customer.
  • Not looking for repeat work from your customer, we serve you!

We help individual plumbers to be more competitive with their larger competition without the large investment in technology

  • Trenchless Repair
  • Save Time and Money
  • No Dig Sewer Lines
  • No Mess
  • Quick Turnaround

Why Join With Us:

  • We can make your company grow 
  • Now take the jobs you may have given away before
  • Compete with the large, monster companies who can afford any process and technology
  • Don’t let them take your customers away…That’s their goal
  • We will work with you…not in front of you…behind you...as it should be

So why wait,
make the most profitable call of your life!

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Water and Sewer Pipe Repair and Replacement & Sewer Camera Line Specialists Serving Southeastern Pennsylvania

Underground Solutions


Why Camera a Sewer Line?

Most homes in the Delaware Valley of Southeaster PA are now 40 to 65 years old or older and some mortgage loans require running a camrea through the sewer or water lines to the house.

We can help with state-of-the-art camera and recording systems. We can see a hairline crack and record it for your customer.

  • Now a total system designed for you.
  • We are a service for you and your customers!
  • Unmarked Trucks!
    (You get full credit for work you hire us to do)

Why Go Trenchless with Underground Solutions?

  • No Property Damage
    Landscape, Patios, Driveways, Sidewalks etc. Remain Intact
  • Minimal Restoration!
    Only two holes required (one hole in, one hole out)
  • Faster
    Line replacement at up to 3 feet per minute
  • Flexible
    Able to negotiate three 45 degree angles
  • Longer Lasting
    We use HDPE pipe which is far superior to PVC
  • Easy Transition
    Banded couplings
  • Neater
    Old sewer line stays in the ground
  • Cost Effective
    Reduced time

Other Benefits

  • High Density Polyethylene Pipe is inherently strong & flexible.
  • The pipe is corrosion proof with a long service life.
  • The smooth inner wall provides a high, quick flow rate.
  • Heat fused joints create a one-piece drain pipe


How Does the Trenchless Technology Work?

Our method replaces existing underground pipe, of the same or larger diameter, by digging small entry and exit holes at the beginning and end of the damaged pipe. A steel cable is then pulled through the existing pipe and a splitting wedge is attached to the steel cable at the entry hole. The hydraulic puller is attached to the exit hole and the power supply pulls the new pipe through the damaged pipe, underground, without having to dig up your cherished landscaping.

Demonstration of Trenchless Technology

We offer our services to professionals at discounted contractor pricing
...which helps you compete with even the largest of your competitors!

Residential Applications

Landscape, patios, driveways, sidewalks etc. Remain Intact. Little to no intrusion on customer.

Commercial Applications

Parking lots, public drives, building entrances & loading docks all can be remain accessible during a trenchless sewer line replacement.

We can now replace water and sewer pipes the same day for a single low rate!

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